Mission Statement for Merseyside PPE Hub

Our mission is to provide PPE for free to anybody who does not feel safe in their day to day job or walk of life. Where possible, we will also provide materials and the use of equipment to anybody manufacturing PPE, subject to a materials and equipment agreement being signed.

Our Vision

To ensure that nobody is deprived of lifesaving PPE or feels unsafe because of a lack of PPE when working in our community.

The Merseyside PPE Hub initiative was set up because of the lack of response into providing PPE for front line health and social care workers. Different organisations and individuals who share the same goals and values from our community have come together to work on the most efficient way to get PPE to those who are in desperate need, thus Merseyside PPE Hub was born.

Hub update 25th June 2020

Merseyside PPE Hub is no longer taking orders or donations. As of Friday 26th June 2020 Merseyside PPE Hub will close it doors.

However, it is absolutely amazing what we have been able achieve when communities work together to help each other! Especially in such a short amount of time.

At Merseyside PPE Hub we are extremely proud, and thankful that the generosity of our community has enabled us to achieve the following in just 12 weeks..

Raised £40,000+ in donations, which has enabled us to provide the following PPE for FREE:

⭐ 50,000+ reusable FaceShields Manufactured and Distributed.

⭐ 25,000+ Disposable Masks Purchased and Distributed.

⭐ 30,000+ Pairs of Gloves Purchased and Distributed.

⭐ 15,000+ Aprons Purchased and Distributed.

⭐ 10,000+ Ear Savers Manufactured and Distributed.


For any further enquiries, please contact: enquiries@merseysideppehub.co.uk


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